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Mar 28-Apr 10

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At La Thea, we are the custodians of Bulgaria's timeless botanical treasures, where the essence of Rose Damascena graces our formulations. Our journey is guided by a mission that transcends borders and generations, inspired by our founders' grandmother who was an avid herbalist. Today, we craft products that harness the potency of these incredible plants and herbs, ensuring each creation is not only beneficial but also a testament to the beauty of synergy. Join us on a voyage that celebrates the wisdom of nature, where the warmth of Bulgarian botanicals meets global intelligence in beauty.



Rose Damascena has multiple benefits for the skin. It has anti-aging properties, has a calming effect on sensitive skin, it reduces redness and irritation, promotes skin self-regeneration, and provides a wonderful scent. Rich in vitamins A, B3, C, D, and E, it also contains over 280 micro and macro components. With its antioxidants and antibacterial properties, it removes free radicals and enhances the absorption of other cosmetic products.


Each bottle of La Thea Face Toner consists of 100 roses, sustainably hand-picked from the lush fields of Bulgaria.

Laura Barriales

"As a mother, actress and TV host, I don't have much time to devote to my daily skincare routine. That's why discovering La Thea has been such a convenient enhancement to my skin. I use it morning and evening by spraying the rose water and applying the serum afterwards.

I also love using the serum before applying my makeup as it makes my skin smoother and gives it a glowing appearance. And here's a little secret: I always spray La Thea rose water before going on stage. It gives me a fresh and energized feeling."


"I've been struggling with rosacea and eczema for over a decade and trying countless skincare products, treatments, and medications, I finally found my solution with La Thea's Rose Water. Its gentle nature has nurtured my skin without harsh chemicals or aggressive ingredients.

Rose water has become one of my best-kept secrets, but it's a secret that deserves to be shared far and wide."

Dora T.

"As a model, I have always struggled with rosacea, sensitive skin and redness, and when Teodora saw me she said I just have the perfect solution for you, trust me, it will help a lot! And she was right!! I love the La Thea rose water and have used it ever since.

Whenever I have a rosacea flare up I just spray it all over my face and it has been perfect in calming my irritated skin! Recently I got my hand on the new La Thea serum, which is a great combination with the rose water together!"

Kate K.

I have been using La Thea Products since the outset of the Brand. I have always loved the Rose Water. Gifted it to friends and used it myself in so many ways. However, the Serum has become my favourite product. I use this daily and have stopped using other serums. The love and care of La Thea is really exceptional. Love it!


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