Bulgarian rose

La Thea products contain the famous Bulgarian rose Damascena. This rose is considered one of the most beneficial and is renowned for its marvellous benefits for the skin. The rose petals are incredibly delicate, requiring careful handpicking.

Our pickers head to the fields at 4:30 am, taking advantage of the cool temperatures, and work until 9 am. After that, the rising temperature causes the fragrance to lose its moisture. The rose-picking season lasts only a month, which is why our pickers must be highly skilled in the picking process.


Once the petals are collected, they are immediately transported to the distillery for the distillation process, which is carried out using a highly specialized method known only to a few masters. The process of distillation starts as the rose petals are carefully placed in a distillation still.

During this process, the rose oil rises to the top, while the rose water collects below. To ensure the highest possible quality, we use mountain lake water, renowned for its purity. We also use a larger amount of roses to maximize the benefits of our products.

Approximately 100 roses are used to produce one bottle of rose water, and about 3500 kg of rose blossoms are used for the production of 1 litre rose oil, which you can find in our Regeneration serum.