La Thea Regeneration serum benefits

La Thea Regeneration serum benefits

Attention beauty lovers!

Say goodbye to boring, one-dimensional serums and hello to La Thea’s Regeneration Serum for the face and eyes!

This isn’t your typical serum – it’s a multi-functional powerhouse that delivers a range of benefits and an experience of glowing and well-nourished skin. So why settle for the ordinary when you can have the extraordinary with La Thea Regeneration Serum?

How does La Thea Regeneration Serum work?

By combining the best from both worlds – the most innovative high-tech actives like hyaluronic complex and amino complex, and the precious Bulgarian rose oil, renown for centuries for its outstanding skincare properties.

There are many products with hyaluronic acid and amino acids and you’ll ask us – how is this one different from them?

La Thea’s Regeneration Serum doesn’t simply contain hyaluronic acid but a complex of 5 hyaluronic acid derivatives each of which contributes in its own way. They are all low molecular weight compounds that penetrate deep to provide abundant hydration and unique flexible film on the skin that keeps water in.

The amino acids complex boosts further the skin hydration by mimicking the natural moisturizing factor of its upper layer. It consists of essential amino acids, betaine and PCA that work to strengthen the skin’s barrier and restore its dewy look.

Betaine is essentially a topical face filter that fills in the fine lines and PCA is a small molecule attracting water really deep in the skin. They work simultaneously on multiple dermal sublayers.

The amino acid complex works synergistically with the hyaluronic complex to produce plumping effect, reduce and erase wrinkles and prevent their future appearance. Together they are the perfect anti-age team.

The Bulgarian rose oil has regenerating, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and soothing properties which make it perfect for all skin types. It works wonders with sensitive skin, increases its resilience and makes it more tolerable to external stressors.

The rose oil brings a feeling of wellbeing and happiness which makes applying of La Thea’s Regeneration Serum a nurturing and relaxing experience.

Knowing how important it is for a serum to work deep in the skin La Thea’s Regeneration serum is formulated with special innovative ingredients like squalene and lecithin which act as carriers of the actives and support the integrity of the skin barrier.

Benefits of La Thea Regeneration Serum:

  1. Complexion improvement. The serum instantly refines the pores and evens out the skin texture. Thus it creates a better surface for applying foundation and other makeup.
  1. Instant hydration. The hyaluronic and amino acids combo brings an instant shift in the moisture level of the skin. It reduces the signs of fatigue and lack of sleep and gives the face a plump, youthful look.
  1. Prevention of environmental stress. Providing the skin with a concentrated antioxidant support, La Thea Regeneration Serum increases its resistance to environmental stressors and pollutants. The skin becomes resilient and healthier.
  1. Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. Equipped with powerful actives our serum can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The skin looks smoother and younger.
  1. Sensitive skin protection. Due to the increased hydration and improved barrier function, La Thea Regeneration Serum effectively prevents sensitive skin from overreaction to irritants.
  1. Specialized care of the eye area. La Thea Regeneration Serum is formulated to be also suitable for the delicate skin around the ayes. It gently nourishes and protects from dryness and signs of premature aging.

How does it feel using La Thea’s Regeneration serum?

The first thing you’ll feel is how gentle it is on the skin. Just a few drops will give you a light sensation of a delicate touch, rich hydration and instant refreshment. It soaks in really fast with no trace left, yet the skin feels instantly smoother to touch. Fine lines decrease, and you’ll feel your skin pampered, protected and loved.

You can apply La Thea’s Regeneration Serum on the whole face, including the delicate skin around the eyes, and on the neck morning and evening. The convenient dropper ensures perfect dosage with each application.

What to expect after the first applications and in the long term?

The first thing you’ll notice is how much more moisturized your skin is in a second. It will be calmer and its complexion will constantly improve. You’ll wake up in the morning with tight pores and bright skin. The long term anti-age effects will get visible in the next weeks and people will ask you “Your skin looks so good, what are you using?”

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